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The UK government has not yet determined how Brexit will formally change, or leave the same, the UK’s immigration policies. The main question at the moment is whether or not EU citizens are going to be given priority status in applications.

Although the Home Office has issued preliminary plans for how to handle the immigration process post Brexit, there has been no conclusive decisions made as to how Europeans in the UK will be effected. The consequences of a stricter immigration policy could result in a loss to specific labor sectors such as agriculture. However, a more relaxed immigration policy could cause controversy within the UK as it would appear to be a pre-Brexit policy that doesn’t account for new policies and procedures elsewhere in the country.


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So, what is to be expected? There may be an influx of new applications once a clearer policy is drafted, in an effort to secure the applicants UK status.

Additionally, whether or not EU citizens would be allowed to move freely within the UK is still to be determined. Another point to consider is the potential for quotas, which currently remains as a complex system based on a system of tiered visas.

Regardless of the changes, you can count of Optimus Law’s immigration staff to stay up to date on policy changes as well as proposed drafting of legislation. We will work with you to ensure you are made aware of any changes that could impact your specific policy.


When is the Brexit-immigration decision expected?

There is no single date outlined, however it is potentially expected towards the end of the year in Autumn.

Can the Home Office sustain potential changes? Will it slow applications?

While it may initially strain the resources of the Home Office, they have assured the nation that they will be able to respond to changes without a large delay. They are preparing to hire new staff to help ease any transitions.

What are the likely outcomes?

There is no word on what exactly the government will choose to do. However, interesting points to watch will include the status of EU citizens, quotas, and processing of applications.

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