Level 1 OISC Training Course

Level 1 OISC Training

Our OISC level one accreditation training course is designed as a one day, entry level course on immigration advice (i.e. within the Immigration Rules). In this course, our expert trainers with years of experience working in both training and immigration, work with you to cover the syllabus at level one, in preparation for the level one assessments.

Our one day course will last 1 day and will cover all necessary topics on the specification to ensure that you are fully prepared for the assessment in an efficient, dynamic way designed to assist you so that you are able gain access to resources and professional support needed to successfully pass your assessments.

The course covers the following topics:

  • Right of Abode,
  • Entry Clearance procedures,
  • immigration applications relating to Spouses,
  • Unmarried Partners,
  • Civil Partners,
  • Children and Other relatives;
  • European Law,
  • Asylum law,
  • Human Rights law
  • British Nationality Law,
  • Points Based System (PBS)- Tier 1 (Highly Skilled),
  • PBS – Tier 2 (skilled workers),
  • PBS – Tier 4 (Students),
  • PBS – Tier 5 (Temporary workers),
  • Visitors, UK Ancestry Rule and other Immigration Categories.


You need an oisc level 1 training qualification due to the fact that it is vital that an individual or an organisation is able to deliver the required skills and knowledge in order to meet the needs and expectations of clients in need of immigration advice and/or services.

OISC training courses are practical routes for those who are starting a career in the immigration sector. As well as, the training courses are also highly relevant to those who may already hold authentication  and simply hope to refresh their knowledge and expertise by keeping up to date with the recent progress within the sector.

We provide a range of past papers, training booklets which include workbooks for each of the topics you will be assessed on.

At Optimus Law, we also provide OISC training at level 2 and level 3.
The content covered in each of these courses is designed to be progressively more extensive and each our three levels gradually guide you through fundamental material equally essential enabling you to develop a full understanding in immigration, asylum, and EU laws.
We advise you to begin at Level 1 so that all knowledge can be covered from the beginning in a steady pace and progression that we can build upon.

What Our Clients say

“Me and my sister have known Robina for a long time. From visa application to settlement, she had been helping both of us successfully. Robina is a very experienced solicitor and knows everything at her fingertips. Has always been highly reliable in her work so it is always nice to know someone that you can turn to when you need advice. I can’t recommend Robina highly enough to anyone that needs help or advice in immigration issues”
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