Right to Work

Right to Work uk

If you are seeking employment in the UK, you will be required to provide sufficient documentation to prove you are an eligible applicant. Our team of lawyers will work with you to collect and organize these documents to ensure you can provide them to potential employers.

While it is often confusing and challenging to determine which documents are needed for employment, Optimus Law can make your search easy. We will provide required documents and assist with answering questions based on your specific employment options.

Additionally, if you have applied to come to the UK for longer than 6 months, extend your visa for longer than 6 months, apply to settle in the UK, or transfer your visa to a new passport, you’ll be issued a biometric residence permit, or a BRP. The BRP can be used to verify your identify, right to study or work in the UK, and the right to any public services or benefits you’re entitled to.

Without proper documentation you will be unable to pursue employment in the UK, and will be very limited in your search for a job. Additionally, if you do possess a job without the right to work, you may cause your employer to face a civil penalty of up to £20,000.


Employers will verify all documents are genuine, original, and unchanged. Additionally, they will verify they belong to you, the person seeking employment.

You will need to produce your BRP number, and a security code to potential employers. Then, an in person right to work check will be conducted.

The Home Office will be asked to check your employment status and your employer will wait for verification.

What Our Clients Say

“Me and my sister have known Robina for a long time. From visa application to settlement, she had been helping both of us successfully. Robina is a very experienced solicitor and knows everything at her fingertips. Has always been highly reliable in her work so it is always nice to know someone that you can turn to when you need advice. I can’t recommend Robina highly enough to anyone that needs help or advice in immigration issues”
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