Section 120 Notice

Section 120 Notice uk

What is a Section 120 Notice?

Section 120 Notice is also known as ‘one stop notice’ provided by the Secretary of State in relation to an individual’s deportation. The ‘one stop notice’ is an opportunity to provide grounds which may not have been submitted in a previous application. The grounds submitted on a Section 120 Notice are vital as they can potentially trigger a right of appeal if they are strong enough to support your case.

I have received a Section 120 Notice, what shall i do?

Section 120 Notice urges you  to raise further grounds for the grant of leave to remain which are outside the scope of their original application. If you have received a notice:

  • Consult with an immigration lawyer. If you have a immigration lawyer already and are still unsure what to include, it may be worth getting a second opinion on what to include in your Section 120 Notice.
  • Explain all the facts and circumstances which you have not already mentioned.It is important to include all your reasons or grounds for wishing to stay in the UK in this application. Failure to include anything and you may lose any right of appeal you may otherwise have qualified for.

How can Optimus Law help?

If you have not already assigned a immigration lawyer to your case, it is important to ensure you contact one of our immigration lawyers when you receive the Section 120 Notice, as this may be your only opportunity to provide compelling grounds that can potentially trigger a right of appeal. By carefully listening to your circumstances we can:

  • Provide you with advice by an assigned specialist immigration law practitioner.
  • Explain case law relevant to your case in a practical and clear manner.

Draft the additional grounds and proceed with the appeal.

What Our Clients Say

“Me and my sister have known Robina for a long time. From visa application to settlement, she had been helping both of us successfully. Robina is a very experienced solicitor and knows everything at her fingertips. Has always been highly reliable in her work so it is always nice to know someone that you can turn to when you need advice. I can’t recommend Robina highly enough to anyone that needs help or advice in immigration issues”
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